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Video conferencing in the community

 Quick Summary

As technology changes, so does the way we connect as a community. The internet and new devices that use the internet have made it possible to video conference from anywhere, and to connect in a safe and secure way with others. Across Tasmania there are community video conferencing facilities that are open to the public to book and use. Over time, as you become more confident in the use of this technology, you will discover it has many benefits. People tell us that they look forward to a time where distance to services or lack of transport will no longer be a barrier to connecting with others and gaining needed services.
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As technology and society changes, so does the way our community connects. Our expectations for service delivery are changing. The use of video conferencing plays a critical role in supporting new expectations for consumer choices and access to services.

Video conferencing bridges the gaps in service delivery and provides a safe and secure ‘whole of community’ connection. It offers consumers more choices and access to services that previously may not have been available due to location, distance or transport.

Utilising video conferencing enables remote and socially disadvantaged communities to access a broader range of services. Many service providers and businesses are making the shift to video conferencing.

Whether you are a government organisation, a private business, or living in rural or remote areas, video conferencing has a place for you. Video conferencing provides a central location for all members of the community, local government agencies, community organisations, and the private sector to connect.

For business, video conferencing offers an opportunity for equalisation of services and cost distribution by reducing travel and increasing your virtual footprint and staff distribution.

For individuals, video conferencing is inclusive and provides opportunities to connect to a variety of services that were previously not available.


Attending a video conference

In most cases, when you arrive, you will be connected to the video conference automatically.  In some circumstances, you may need to go through a central Virtual Reception, and then enter your V.M.R. (Virtual Meeting Room) number to connect to a room or conference. Or you may receive an invitation to the video conference with instructions to type in via the conference system remote control. See Action Steps for instructions on connecting to a video conference.


Here you can find a simple list of the best actions to take if you are interested in this topic:

1 .

Confirm your location. Find the conferencing unit in the room, is it turned on? Does it have a remote control to use it or touch panel?

2 .

Is the other party dialing into this conference? If not, do you have connection details? Enter these in via the remote or touchscreen to call the other person or group.

3 .

Once you are connected, you can use the community conference system remote control to mute and control volume, and also end the call or re-join if needed.