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Workplace adjustments

 Quick Summary

If you have a disability and need modifications or adaptions to safely carry out the duties of your job, it is a legal requirement in Australia for employers to make reasonable adjustments in your workplace. The Australian Government covers the costs of many reasonable adjustments through the Employment Assistance Fund. Reasonable adjustments are not special services, they are about making it possible for you to do the job on an equal level to other employees.

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Tasmania has the strongest anti-discrimination laws in the country. In Australia, laws require employers to make reasonable adjustments for a person with disability who applies for a job, is offered employment, or is an employee.

Needed adjustments depend on your individual needs. You may not need any workplace adjustments. You may need minor changes or adjustments to your work hours to perform the duties of your job, or you may require specific equipment or some structural change to your workplace. Many adjustments cost very little or nothing at all. A workplace assessment can help to determine what is needed.

Adjustment examples are: providing telephone typewriter (TTY) phone access for employees with hearing or speech impairments, purchasing screen reading software for employees with a vision impairment, approving additional regular breaks for people with chronic pain or fatigue, and buying desks with adjustable heights for people using a wheelchair.


The Australian Government website is the best source to get all the information you and your employer need to get started, you can find it here.

Knowing and understanding your needs as they relate to your disability is a great start for you to get ready for a discussion with a new employer.

Work out what adjustments you may need. Review this list of disability types and examples of adjustments to help.


Let your potential or new boss know that there are plenty of great resources available to help them. A guide to some employer tools and resources can be found here.

A workplace assessment is a great place to start. Click here for information about free workplace assessments for people with disability.

Assessors can work out what modifications or equipment you will need and how much they will cost.

Assessors are qualified and will look at your workplace with you and identify needed adjustments and modifications. The assessor will talk with you and your employer to find solutions to make your workplace work for you.