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Planning for success

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When you need to access mainstream and specialist services and supports, you will be involved in planning. Plans usually assist relevant people in a person’s life to have access to important information in order to meet their specific needs. Plans make it clear, who is doing what, why, and by when. Plans can include information about, personal needs and characteristics, likes and dislikes, services used, goals, strategies, medical alerts and emergency details, people who are involved, professional assessments, actions and dates for review or completion. Some types of plans you may encounter are Education Plans, Complex Care Plans, Mental Health Care Plans, Behaviour Plans, and Early Intervention Plans. If you or your child have a disability you will hear the word plan a lot when you engage with needed mainstream and specialist services and supports. Remember, a plan is about you or your child so it is vital that you are involved in the planning process, understand the plan and agree to have the plan put into action.

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