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If you’re moving out for the first time, working out what support you have, and what you will need to live independently is a good idea. Independence does not mean you have to do everything on your own. Unfortunately, we don’t often think about our network of support until something bad happens and we really need help. A network of support may include relatives, friends and neighbours, or people you know from your involvement with a club, a class or peer support group. This is called your informal network of support because they do not get paid to help you. General Practitioners, health professionals and service providers are part of your formal network of support because they are paid to help.

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It’s a good idea to think about who is part of your network of support from time to time. It’s also good to work out what support you need and where that support will come from.


If you need assistance to assess your support needs, download the FINDING YOUR WAY TO LIVING INDEPENDENTLY CHECKLIST – ARE YOU READY?


You can also download the FINDING YOUR WAY RESOURCE – My Network of Support, if you would like to make a written record with contact details for your network of support;

Remember, support does not always come in the form of a person. You may need home adaptions or modifications to support you to live safely and independently. Find more information on the Home Modifications page.

Have a look at this excellent Finding Your Way – Getting Ready to Move booklet.


Here you can find a simple list of the best actions to take if you are interested in this topic:

1 . List the daily living skills you have.

Can you cook, clean, use a washing machine?

2 . List the different tasks you need help with.

3 . Write down the names of the people who support you and what they do.

4 . Write down or think about things you need help with but do not have support for.

Find out where and how you can get this support.

5 . Talk to people you trust.

Tell them your ideas, thoughts, and any concerns you have about living independently.

6 . Learn from others.

Ask questions about what it was like for them when they moved out for the first time. Ask for help if you need it.