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Keeping active and staying healthy

 Quick Summary

Being regularly active is an important part of staying healthy. If you choose to keep active and eat a healthy diet, this will benefit you in so many ways. You will feel stronger, think more clearly, sleep better, feel more relaxed and have more energy. There are so many fun ways to keep active and you can do activities by yourself, with friends, with family, or as part of a group or a club. Even being slightly more active will help. You can start slowly by walking and do a little bit more every day.

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It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about what sort of activity is suitable for you if you’ve been inactive for a while or have some health issues.

Read more about the benefits of getting active or download some great resources from this Australian Government website.


Walking is a great activity to do to keep active. You could walk to the shops, to school or to work or you could join a friend for a walk.

If walking and being social is for you, there are a number of walking groups around Tasmania.

Check out the following links for more ideas:

If you have a physical disability or are returning to physical activity after an injury, you may need to do modified exercises and activities. Talk with your Doctor or Physiotherapist so that you can get started.


Here you can find a simple list of the best actions to take if you are interested in this topic:

1 . Consult with your doctor or Physiotherapist about what activity levels are safe for you.

2 . Research and discuss different activities with friends and family, community groups, and your local council, that you could try.

3 . Set a goal for yourself. For example, I am going to walk every day for 30 minutes. Get started with your new activity.

4 . Write or cut out a picture of the activity and put it in your calendar or diary to remind and motivate you to keep doing it regularly as part of your new routine.

5 . Slowly increase the time that you spend doing the activity or the level of intensity.

6 . Every 2 weeks write down or think about the health improvements that you notice.

7 . Keep doing your activity and think about adding a new activity to your routine, and something with a bit more intensity (if this is safe for you). Enjoy keeping active and staying healthy.